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before we get started you must have appcake installed into your Computer, to do this follow my step by step video by clicking here.

alright, appcake is basically a program that say yes to downloading full games and no to paying for them. yes you guessed it, free games! not demos, not trails, the full thing. how does it work? it downloads the games from sites on your ipod/iphone and then it installs it without the us of the computer. pretty cool right? wrong, some people are reporting errors about the application automatically closing down when it gets to a certain percentage. this can depend on the generation and memory of your ipod/iphone, but if you are like me and have a 8 gb which ever generation, well click this like here which shows you just how to solve this with a help of a computer, its a full video on every step and download links. But if your download is under 80 Mb then us this method. alright first you want to fire up appcake by obviously clicking on the icon, then watch the video below from youtube