JailBreaking Your Ipod Touch

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When jailbreaking a ipod touch/iphone was released it was a very well, long and difficult method. But no need to worry anymore, Blackra1n has made it a lot easier, just like a plug and play toy.  but before we start i will have to give you a couple of warnings, yes nothing is a hundred percent safe in this world, not even toilet paper, but before i give you the grampy old warnings how about the benefits of jailbreaking a ipod


you can download all your favorite games ands apps absolutely free using a alternative to the app store. for more information, go to tutorials->ipod touch/iPhone->downloading apps using app cake

Customize absolutely everything, use themes which the I pod Touch / I Phone does not originally do, but once jail broken, the choice is yours.

The is no Limit to what you can do,  Jailbreaking basically removes all the limitations

this are the main free reasons why people jailbreak.

As i explained earlier, the is nothing 100% safe.

You could, (very very i MEAN VERY small chance) "brick" Your Ipod, if that does happen go to tutorials->ipod touch/iphone->restoring ipod touch

you automatically break your warranty with apple

Also, If your device is a ipod touch 3rd generation (32gb/64gb, bought after september 09), Jailbreaking your ipod will leave it "tentered". basically, your ipod touch would need to be plugged in into your computer and booted up with the same program everytime you switch it "off". so if your ipod dies then you need to run the app through your laptop. more information will be given in the video below.

Ok so after you have taken a moment to look at the reasons above, i must tell you that we are not responsible for your actions or what happens to your iphone.
you are doing this at your own risk.

Ok, now, if you have reached this far you have made it. Here are the links,
For Mac: Click Here
For Windows: Click Here

download the program for your os, and then put the program to your desktop for easy reference.
Alright i will give the following steps, but before you Jailbreak Watch the youtube video down Below

So you ready?
Step one: Plug in your ipod touch / iphone, and make sure that itunes is closed and your ipod is not in sync
step two:click on blackra1n, if windows vista it is recommended you right click and choose run as administrator
step three: make sure that your firewall does not block blackra1n
step four: Press the button, make it rain. then leave your ipod till a pop up opens up saying your ipod have been jailbroken blah blah blah.
step five: Wait for your ipod to reboot and then you will find a program called blackra1n installed!
step six: watch the video to find out what you can do you more
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